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My name is Allan and this is my first post in this blog an entry to my cuckold life.I hope you like it,so here it is.
I’m trustful husband for more than 20 years and in love  with my wife Deborah she is in 39 y.o blonde with D size boobs.We have 2 children 10 and 15 y.o. and all together We live in Chicago in beautiful 5 bedroom house.

Recently I started to fill something wrong with our relationships and than I found out that my wife is cheating on me with our neighbor.
One day We set and spoke about it and She told me that I’m right,but she still love me and wants to share with me her passion and bring her lover into our bed.I was pissed off but the idea to see my wife fucked by someone else turned me on.

Two weeks after the day was set and she brought him in.They two were so good in bed and I cum two or three times.

That’s how it begun and I promise you to post some more stories,till then you can go to and read some more stries.